Schutzhund Club Members

Our current Executive Board:

  • President - Lance Collins
  • Vice President - Steve Burger
  • Secretary - Jane Holowaty
  • Member at large - Jeff Keen
  • Treasurer - Rosalyn Jamieson

lance collins

lance with haakon

Lance Collins has been actively involved in the dog sport exclusively as a hobby since 1980. An active competitor, Lance qualified for the WUSV World Championships twelve times with five different dogs, all self trained and titled. His highest placing at the WUSV Worlds was 4th place with a dog he bred, raised and trained. More recently he placed 4th the 2013 WUSV Championships. He has won the Canadian Championships with two different dogs.

Lance spends most of his spare time training and teaching others. His training has resulted in 8 different handlers from his club qualifying for the WUSV World Championships for a total of 34 times, and resulting in a number of top 10 places. In addition, over the past 25 years the Canadian Champion has come from Lance’s club ten times.

Recognized as an innovative and systematic trainer and teacher who utilizes demonstrated learning principles, he has conducted many seminars in Canada, USA, Australia and Germany. Helper work has been a big part of the dog sport for Lance and he has been active as a training, trial and teaching helper. He was selected to do the helper work at the Canadian SchH3 Championships four times.

Lance began judging in Canada in 1990. He judged protection at the 2009 WUSV World Championships, and tracking at the 2000 WUSV World Championships. He has judged other major events such as the North American, the Canadian and the Australian Championships.

Lance started breeding German Shepherd dogs in 1985 under the kennel name of vom Haus Bergblick. Dogs from his breeding have placed in the top five at the WUSV World Championships.

Having recently retired his last competition dog Haakon v. Moerfelder Land after four consecutive WUSV competitions, Lance is now starting again with two exciting young dogs.

Gabi Hoffmann

Gabi with Finn

Previously from Australia, Gabi Hoffmann trained her first Schutzhund dog, Axel, from puppyhood to SchH3 and won the 2003 Australian Schutzhund Championships.

Gabi and her next major competition dog, V-Yoschy vom Steintal SchH3 KK1, had many successes, including three WUSV World championship performances with multiple V and SG scores, coming 14th in 2009. They won the Canadian Championships in 2010.

Gabi and her next dog, Finn vom Metterursprung IPO3 KKl, won the Canadian Championships in 2013 and 2014. Finn & Gabi were on Team Canada three times (2013, 2014 & 2015) for the WUSV World Championship. In 2014 Gabi and Finn placed 9th at the WUSV, with a V score in protection.

In 2017 Gabi participated at the WUSV World Championships for the 7th time and with her third dog, Brandy Anrebri IPO3.

Gabi Hoffmann originally trained as a psychologist and has a PhD in animal behaviour & psychology. Her doctoral thesis was on the predictability of dog behaviour from puppy behaviour and the effects of the environment on the development of behaviour. Gabi tutored animal behaviour at the University of Queensland’s School of Veterinary Science. She was also a consultant to the Royal Australian Air Force military working dog program, and has conducted reviews of police dog squad policies and procedures in Australia and Canada.

Teresa Zurberg


I have been participating in Schutzhund since 2010 when I got my first sport dog, Heike. I retired from the Reg Force of the Canadian Forces in Feb 2010. I spent my 13 yrs there as a Medic. I am continuously looking for new challenges and to push my comfort zone, the sport Schutzhund definately is providing my with those challenges. I am also a Type 1 Diabetic, which does not hinder my participation at all. At the age of 8 weeks, my partner Heike started to wake me up in the middle of the night if my blood sugars went low. We never taught her this, she just naturally does this on her own. We are a team and are excited to see where our adventure in this sport takes us.

Jane Holowaty

Jane with Louie

I am currently working with Xulu v Bergblick, or "Louie". He is an impressive and very powerful son out of multiple WUSV competitor Yoschy v Stental. While he is a handful, he challenges my handling skills, yet is extremely fun to work. He comes with extreme speed, drive, solid grips and plenty of power! He is my 3rd H.O.T. dog, with my previous others being Xanick v Hollbachgrund SchH3, and Xavier v Schneider SchH3, KKL 1. In 2015 I got an IPO 3 on Louie, this being the 20th Schutzhund title I have achieved.

I enjoy leaning from each new dog, adapting handling and training techniques to each new personality. I look forward to more years competing in Schutzhund.

Steve Burger

Steve with Cairo

Steve has been involved in Schutzhund since January 2004, He joined the West Coas GSSC, in February 2005.

Steve has been involved in the Dobermann breed since 1982. His first Schutzhund dog, Hara (S'lichobor Gvadalahara IPO3 Sch3, ZTP) came from Euro Show lines and earned six straight Sch3 titles, including 2 high in trials as a Schutzhund 3.

His current Dobermann he is competing with is Cairo vom Schattenfell ZTP SG, IPO3. Cairo was imported as a young puppy from Austria. Steve has been training Cairo since she was 6 months old. She has very high temperament and balanced drives. She is eager to work and shows excellent aggression in protection work. She now has multiple IPO3 titles, and was high IPO3 in protection at the 2013 Doberman Nationals.

Steve is also working a young German Shepherd, Arrissa Vom Bergblick. She is showing excellent drive, power and temperament

Steve recaps his Schutzhund experience. "I love being involved in the sport. The more I know the more I realize I have a lot more to learn and a long ways to go as a handler. The depth of the sport never ceases to amaze me. I am extremely grateful and proud to be a member of WCGSSC. The level of knowledge and experience is overwhelming at times. I look forward to growing in the sport. I only wish I had as much to give back as I have received".

Steve has been involved in Schutzhund since January 2004. He joined the club in February 2005.

Ros Jamieson


Ros started in schutzhund with her dog Jasper whom she got as a puppy four years ago. She has trained Jasper to SchH2 and has twice competed at the Regional championships at the SchH3 level. Jasper is a very powerful and driven dog and has been a very challenging dog to train. His impressive protection performances are always appreciated by the spectators. At one Regional Championship Jasper received a score of 96 in protection from a judge who had previously judged at the World championships.

With her next dog, Ros and Aris v Lensenhaus, Ros and Aris represented Canada at the WUSV twice, Ros and Aris were the newest team from a long line of West Coast dogs and handlers chosen to represent Canada at the World Championships.

Joined WCGSSC in 2002, and titled my first dog in 2003, Darrius Delupus Saevus, and SchH 2 in 2004.

1st SchH 3 in 2007, with Aris v Lensenhaus (12x) including competing at 4 x regional championship, 3 x national championship, and twice at the WUSV world championship. Received the "Tracking Title" (100 pts) in 2008.

3rd dog was Piper v.d. Hoenhenluft, to IPO3. Competed twice in the regionals (Helpers Choice award in 2014) and once at the Nationals. Received a tracking title in 2013.

Hal Osman

Hal & Gryef

Hal started in Schutzhund with a Beglian Malinois, Lalow, which he trained to SchH2. He failed his SchH3 in tracking, but passed in Obedience and Protection!

He is just starting again with a second dog, a German Shepherd named Gryef, from Southern California.

Hal is also a national level helper, and has been a helper 5 times at regional trials.

Jamie Jarosz


I am a member from Washington State and got my first working GSD, Quilla (Quilla Von Grunheide), in the summer of 2008 knowing I wanted to train and compete in the sport of Schutzhund. I first met the West Coast club in the summer of 2009 and was amazed by the high level of training throughout the entire club. I was instantly hooked! The sport is amazing. It allows a unique relationship between you and your dog. The sport will push your limits and is very humbling no matter how long you have been involved in the sport.

Quilla received her BH in 2010. I then had to move away for school and have been away from training for three years, visiting and training when I can.

My second GSD, Bosco (Bosco vom Bergblick), a son out of WUSV competitor Finn vom Metterursprung. Bosco is 6 months old and is showing a balanced temperament and high drive. I can’t wait to see how he matures. I am also excited to grow as a handler learning from my first dog.

Now working 2 dogs will really push my abilities and will force me to grow and adapt to each of their differences. In addition, the training style has changed from when I started with my first dog, but this is part of what makes the sport great as it is always evolving and the handlers have to learn to change and grow with it.

Mitch LeBlanc


I bought Zora ("Quora von Wendelin"), from Wendelin Farms in 2012. While surfing the internet I found the West Coast club at random, only to discover that Zora's father Zando was Lance's previous dog.

Zora completed a SchH2 in 2016.

In my few years I have learned so much, but more importantly realized how little I truly know. It's very hard work, and being a beginner at something isn't easy (especially when everyone around you is so skilled.) The training is incredibly demanding, and the standards are very high, but in the end, we always have fun.

Tammy Ough

Tammy with Dakota

I am really excited to be part of the West Coast organization and I am grateful for having the opportunity to learn and train with such high performance dog handlers and mentors.

I became interested in the sport of Shutzhund mainly to become a better dog handler and learn more about dog training at large. The first time I was on field and saw the dogs' abilities I was absolutely amazed. It has become a true passion in my life and I continue to be challenged and motivated to learn as much as I can. I am grateful for all the time and energy the West Coast team has shared with me during this long journey of learning. Balancing the techniques of prey work and conflict are fascinating to the sport of Schutzhund. I hope that one day I can compete but mostly my goal is to have fun with the process of learning the sport. Being with this great team of people has made the whole experience that much greater.

Jeff Keen

(Bio coming soon)

Dustin de Jongh

Dustin with Loki

I came to WCGSSC after an internet search for clubs in the area. At the time, I was taking my Malinois (Loki) to sheep herding lessons and the trainer suggested that my dog and I may find that Schutzhund would be a great hobby for us. I did some research, found the club and after my first night of spectating I was hooked. The energy and precision that this sport entails is truly amazing.

My wife and I got Loki when she was 8 weeks old as a pet and companion to our yellow lab. Loki has had training in obedience, agility, nose work, sheep herding and now Schutzhund. She came into the sport at 2 years old and is working on foundation and showing promise.

Apparently tall helpers are in high demand and I was quickly coerced into joining the fray. I have an endless amount of resources and knowledge from the many helpers here at West Coast.

I'm also incredibly funny. My wife may not agree. But seriously, I am.

Inge Georgi

I have trained three different dogs to Schutzhund titles:

"Bessy von der Linner Burg SchH II, AD"

I entered the sport of Schutzhund in 1983 with my then 3 1/2 year old female Rottweiler, Bessy. Even though Bessy came from strong working lines in Germany, training was a struggle, especially with both of us being new to the sport.

After training my male Rottweiler "Vello vom Wolfsberg" (Axel) for a number of years I realized, that I actually never had the upper hand with him and decided to retire him from the sport. Axel became my husband’s walking partner and lived to the ripe old age of twelve.

Then came Dixi. "Ch. Donja vom Kuemmelsee SchH III, BH, CGC"

Dixi fulfilled my dream of training a Rottweiler to a SchH III level and more. We passed 15 SchH III trials and were three times high in trial. We competed at the GSSCC Canadian Schutzhund Nationals three times as the only alternate breed. Dixi was a very special girl.

My latest dog,"Blista vom Albi" BH SchH III is a German Shepherd Dog. Blista is a high drive, fun loving dog that has her own mind. It has been fun and also frustrating to train her to a Schutzhund III level. Blista is the only dog in my house now and she is a pleasure to have around.

Inge is a Lifetime Member of WCGSSC.